One of the double-edged swords in the martial arts is rank. It may be a source of controversy and it may be the inspiration or goal that keeps the practitioner working for the next level. The ranking system in martial arts is a guide to the mental and physical skill levels of the practitioners. Shoshin Ryu sets its standards for rank and those standards are high. When a student makes rank, he or she will have earned it. It is important for all students to maintain a humble attitude toward their rank. Train and strive to excel. At times, looking at more skillful yudansha will be a reminder of how much progress remains to be made. At other times, watching the beginning students may be a useful reminder to see how much progress has been made. No one is perfect. Everyone is learning and improving. Smile and enjoy each rank level. You will only be a white, yellow, green or brown belt once.






No amount of quick brushing up will, by itself, prepare a practitioner for this test. The proper preparation is the intense effort itself that has been given over the months leading up to the test. While teachers would like all of their students to pass, it is virtually impossible to pass every test the first time. We realize that there is great pressure on the applicant during a test. It has been that way always. To overcome the pressure of testing is part of the training process, for in a real confrontation the pressure will be on; maintaining calmness will be a major factor in performing well. It is facing yourself, more than any opponent, which leads you to progress. Guests are welcome to watch mudansha testing. Tests for shodan and above, however, are closed; only uke and testing board are permitted.