Sensei Combo


brian3Sensei Brian Combo is the founder and primary instructor for the Plymouth, MN Dojo which was started here in 1995. He is a dynamic teacher who also serves in the capacity as the head of the entire system of Shoshin Ryu. The organization, Shoshin Ryu, gives him the title of “Senior Most Student” (SMS) as all members of Shoshin Ryu strive to always be  learning; to be a student for life. This also encourages the ideal to appreciate the journey versus that of seeking power, fame or wealth.

Combo Sensei has been teaching martial arts to youth and adults since 1982. He has shared his expertise with various groups ranging from police agencies, to women’s groups, to various youth and adult organizations. Teaching is his passion. Mr. Combo is also the primary instructor for the Tonfa within the National Organization and has dedicated a tremendous amount of time developing and enhancing that weapon. Sensei teaches nationally as well and it is his ability to teach and motivate students and teacher’s alike in a fun and dynamic way that draws students to him.